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Wednesday, den 3. October 2012

1. The 2013 Tax Season Is Closer than You Think   Industry experts generally agree that proper tax planning takes an average of six months – the time it often takes experts to educate themselves on all available opportunities, determine the best approach, and implement the plan. When you consider that six months from today […]

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Wednesday, den 5. September 2012

But think about it for a minute: Do you think that’s the most common mistake . . . or simply the easiest to notice? One thing we know for sure is that the opportunity to make mistakes is almost unlimited, and missed deductions can be the most costly. About 45 million of us itemize on […]

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Tuesday, den 10. July 2012

1. H&R Block Won’t Tell You: “We are NOT CPA’s, just data entry workers.” They charge you so much more than a CPA, but in fact they are just data entry workers who took a simple test through the I.R.S. They are not anymore qualified than anyone else to do your taxes yet they charge a ridiculous fee. […]

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