Friday, den 7. December 2012

Get Your Income Tax Refund by January 28th 2013! We finally have information about the Refund Calendar from the I.R.S. To see the dates that checks will be refunded, click here. We will actually be able to start filing on January 3rd 2013. This is the date that all of the tax forms needed will […]

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Wednesday, den 17. October 2012

Overview This may be the final year that the so-called Bush tax cuts remain in effect, unless Congress acts to further extend them. The Bush tax cuts, enacted in 2001 and 2003, were originally scheduled to expire for tax years beginning in 2011. However, President Obama signed legislation in late 2010 that temporarily extended the […]

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Wednesday, den 17. October 2012

Depreciation and Changes in Use of Real Property   Depreciation For income tax purposes, taxpayers that own rental property with gross receipts from residential or nonresidential uses should heed the rules on accounting for depreciation. This item discusses the distinction between residential and nonresidential property, depreciation, and the application of the change-in-use regulations if a […]

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Wednesday, den 3. October 2012

1. The 2013 Tax Season Is Closer than You Think   Industry experts generally agree that proper tax planning takes an average of six months – the time it often takes experts to educate themselves on all available opportunities, determine the best approach, and implement the plan. When you consider that six months from today […]

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Sunday, den 2. September 2012

Here’s a look at the laws that could wage a multipronged attack on your wallet and what you can do to prepare. Over the last few years, Americans have observed a series of tense Capitol Hill confrontations over what to do about expiring tax code provisions. While each was significant, their scale is dwarfed by […]

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Sunday, den 26. August 2012

In written form, the tax code could make an encyclopedia set blush. With so many codes occupying so much shelf space, no wonder we are confused at times trying to determine what is a fact and what is a myth. With that in mind, here are some commonly held tax beliefs that have no authenticity. […]

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