Friday, den 26. April 2013

Late filing your 2012 Income Tax Return?  If you’re getting an income tax refund, no need to panic. You don’t even need to file an extension. 2012 tax returns that are due a refund have until April 15, 2016 (October 15, 2016 with an extension) to be filed with the IRS before the statute of limitations on the refund runs […]

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Wednesday, den 6. March 2013

 When should you file your 2012 Income Tax Return? The tax law sets deadlines for filing 2012 income tax returns. However, there is room to maneuver, and the time you choose to file depends on your personal situation. Here are some guidelines to help you decide on the best time for you to file your return. File […]

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Thursday, den 3. January 2013

Happy New Year! Just a friendly reminder, if you have your 2011 taxes and a copy of your final pay stub in 2012, we can file your taxes on January 10th. You can scan and email them to us as well as drop them off at one our location. We are also willing to come […]

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Friday, den 9. November 2012

TRANSCRIPT: 0:10 is it true in your opinion 0:14 is it true that the 0:18 internal revenue code does not make 0:22 most americans liable to file a tax return 0:26 and the paying income tax that in fact 0:29 when they do so they do so voluntarily 0:31 most americans 0:33 this bannister yes […]


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