IRS Update for 2013

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I received an email update last night from the Internal Revenue Service. They have changed the first day that they will process returns to the 22nd of January. I updated the IRS payment schedule. It also stated:

Form Available to File
Federal Forms    
Child Tax Cr 01/10/2013
Form 1040A    
Individual Tax Return 01/10/2013
Form 2441    
Child & Dependent Care Expenses 01/10/2013
Schedule 8812    
Child Tax Credit 01/10/2013
Schedule EIC    
Earned Income Credit 01/03/2013

You are probably asking yourself right now, what do this mean to me? It means that if you need any of these forms filed, it will actually be on these days before your return can be e-filed. The electronic version of these forms will not be available until the dates listed.

We can still prepare your return and just will have to process it on these dates. It is still possible to recieve your return by the end of January 2013.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. All you need is your last pay stub from 2012 and your 2011 tax forms.

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