IRS – An Examination of the 1040 & The Income Tax Law


0:10 is it true in your opinion
0:14 is it true that the
0:18 internal revenue code does not make
0:22 most americans liable to file a tax return
0:26 and the paying income tax that in fact
0:29 when they do so they do so voluntarily
0:31 most americans
0:33 this bannister yes i would say that statement is absolutely true
0:40 yes i agree it was one of the major reasons that caused me to have to
0:46 from aris
0:47 has to be craft
0:48 well i’ll give you a little answered
0:51 the government says those required of our current are those two reliable
0:56 these sections that we have covered today
1:00 previously when you read six thousand one six hours eleven those of the
1:03 general rules regarding the following reforms
1:07 does that use the word liable
1:11 and then if you didn’t get a chance or for who’s liable first fluid
1:15 in comparison to sometime ally
1:18 sections one through four of the india’s fourteen seventy three varies from year
1:23 to year
1:24 the only section that you will find refers to someone
1:27 while using the words of the government
1:30 there are a little holiday support insisted
1:33 before the age residents
1:36 operations those of the only ones are specifically statutorily nightline
1:43 says your question
1:50 charlie s
1:51 fighters commenters
1:53 from a layman’s point it was a special agent cpa but
1:57 dislike those people of
1:59 you know i look at what
2:00 the i_r_s_ provides to me and provides to millions of americans as we mentioned
2:06 in the ten forty instruction booklet
2:08 and everyone by law
2:11 privacy act and paperwork reduction act
2:13 to inform you
2:15 of light
2:16 depict the requirements are and it’s specifically says to file a return for
2:20 any tax you are liable for
2:24 of the government is required to tell you what your
2:28 requirements are and they stated their financially satellite ability sections
2:32 are so few
2:34 what else is bizarre
2:36 somebody with some common sense of things
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